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Page last updated on March 1, 2024

Are you sensitive to MSG?  Don’t eat pork?  Have dietary concerns about additives? Sausage contains more fat than you prefer?  Wouldn’t think of eating organ meats?  Then making sausage at home might be the thing for you! However, making sausages at home allows you to control the ingredients according to your tastes and nutritional guidelines! I hope you will try some of the recipes and become hooked, as I have, on making your own sausages. 

This website contains completely free information about my favorite hobby….sausage making. The recipes can be downloaded in .pdf format and are copyrighted. Terms of Use is defined on the "Formulations" page.

The site is divided into a number of pages that share my experiences with making both fresh and dry-cured sausages.  The recipes found here are ones that I personally have formulated and have made and enjoyed; they are not copied from some website and passed on un-tested! The majority of these formulations have been developed by me, through trial and error; others were given to me and those sources are referenced in the formulas. Every recipe, even those that have been submitted to me by others are made and tested before posting! Those recipes formulated by others list the authors name, city, and country. However, not every submitted recipe is published!

My background is in science, primarily microbiology and molecular biology. I have taught at the Secondary, Community College and University level; also I have experience in quality control for a large salami and sausage company (Columbus Salami) in the San Francisco Bay Area that specialized in Italian salumi. Prior to its recent sale, the company was owned by my relatives for over 60 years. I have been making sausages and salumi for over 25 years. With this website I have endeavored to augment the "art" of sausage making with the underpinning scientific principles involved in the preparation of sausages and meat curing. The science has been kept to the minimum of specialized terminology so that those with no or little scientific background can more easily grasp the concepts.

I hope you will be encouraged to learn about sausage making from the many sources that are available, and then try to make sausages for your own enjoyment.  I have listed some reference books from my library on the “Resources” link.




I often update some of these pages and/or add new recipes.  Last updated on: March 1, 2924

Len Poli, Sonoma Mountain Sausages - Santa Rosa, California

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