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Sausage Making Basics

Art and Practice of Sausage Making: North Dakota State University (Web version)

Art and Practice of Sausage Making: North Dakota State University (PDF version)

Small-scale Sausage Production: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy.

Proper Processing of Wild Game and Fish: Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Publications

Sausage Production: USDA/FSIS

FAQ's and General Information

Allied Kenco How To's: Information on sausage making, casings, additives, etc.

FAQ about Sausage Casings

Meat Smoking and Curing FAQ

Pig Processing

Smoke House Construction: One man's project!

Wedliny Domowe: English language Site in Poland


Sausage Descriptions

Cooks Thesaurus-Sausages: A photographic compilation of Bacons and Salted Pork

Cooks Thesaurus-Sausages: A photographic compilation of Cold Cuts

Cooks Thesaurus-Sausages: A photographic compilation of Hams

Cooks Thesaurus-Sausages: A photographic compilation of Sausages

Italian Cured Meats. Want to learn more about "salami" and "salumi"?

General Supplies

Allied Kenco:  A butcher supply house specializing in sausage and jerky making supplies and equipment.

Butcher-Packer Supply Co.: A range of products from an  inventory of over 6,000 items for most of your various processing needs.

Stuffers Supply Company: A quote "We strive to preserve traditional sausage recipes and provide all the necessary supplies to aspiring sausage makers."

SausageMaking: A great  site in England selling casings, starter cultures, cures etc.; in fact all things related to sausage and salami. The site also has a Q/A forum.

The SausageMaker: The product line includes the tools necessary to butcher and process meat, whether for use in a home kitchen or in a commercial butcher shop


A search of the internet will give you many sources.  Listed below are some that I've used.

Bulk Foods                                              Great American Spices

Barry Farms                                            Penzeys Spices

Suttons Bay Spices                                  Con Yeager Spices

Tienda:  Pimentón de la Vera                 Spanish Paprika


Alphabetical Index of Spices (English)                    Alphabetical Index of Spices (Other Languages)

This index comprises about 8500 names for far more than 100 spices and herbs by English and Latin terms used by Botanists and (if of medical use) in pharmaceutical science. Spice terms are also listed in French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch and Swedish names more or less throughout; other European tongues (Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Finnish) have been included whenever possible.



Allied-Kenco                                            Butcher Packer

Dewied Casings                                       Globe Casing Co.

Meat Processing Products                     Stuffers

Syracuse Casing Company                    Waltons, Inc (formally Mid-Western Supply)



USDA/FSIS Information-Note: These may load slowly depending upon your connection!

Additives in Meat/Poultry Products

Focus on Sausages

Nutritional Database

Treatment and Curing of Pork

Principles of Preservation of Shelf-Stable Dried Meat Products [PDF]

Food Safety Of Jerky

Processing Procedures: Dried Meats

Compliance Guidelines For RTE Meat And Poultry [PDF]

Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book (Part 1) - August 2005 [PDF]

Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book (Part 2) - August 2005 [PDF]

FSIS Microbiological Hazard Identification Guide [PDF]

Microbiology - Shelf-Stable Dried Meats [PDF]



Allied Kenco Recipes: a variety of sausages using pork and game meats

British Barbecue Pit

Die große Seite über Wurst [Recipes in German]

Fermented Meat Products: Production and Consumption

Heller's Secrets Of Meat Curing And Sausage Making [Propritary Recipes]

Jerry Fowler's Collection of Sausage recipes

Kielbasa - Recipes in Polish

Polish Sausages - Polish Site [Recipes in English]

Salumi - Recipes in Italian

Sausage and Processed Meat Formulations

Sausage from Down Under [An Australian collection]

SOAR (RecipeSource)

Swiss and German Recipes [Recipes in German]

Wurst - Recipes in German


Butcher-Packer Company

BioSource Flavors, Inc

Malabar Spice: Danisco Meat Cultures





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The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing, and Sausage Making by Philip Hasheider

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SLEIGHT, JACK & HULL, RAYMOND. Home Book of Smoke Cooking Meat, Fish & Game, Stackpole Books, 1988 






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